Step 1 – Before installing SURFCAM, we strongly recommend that you check to make sure you have installed any Pending Updates – these can be either from Microsoft, SolidWorks, your anti-virus software provider, or other applications you have on your computer. If any are present, install them first and re-boot your computer.

Step 2 – After you have downloaded make sure you UNBLOCK the ZIP file before extracting. This will reduce the amount of installation issues and unnecessary prompts.


Step 3 – After you have UNBLOCKED the ZIP file, do not attempt to run the SURFCAM installation from within the distribution ZIP file, follow these instructions:-

Extract the contents to a temporary location such as “C:\TEMP\SC2017R1”. There are just too many folder and directory combinations – just trust us on this one.

Step 4 – Browse the above TEMP folder and read the “READMEFIRST.txt” file. It explains in detail what to expect and will explain the installation order.

Step 5 – Double click in the “StartHere.hta” file to begin the installation process. Be patient – be prepared to wait a moment or so before you see the splash screen.


Step 6 – Click the “Install SURFCAM Traditional 2017 R1” text begin the installation which consists of four components You may notice a several second pause between operations. Be patient – don’t try to start another installation:
– SolidLink Vero’s Translator component
– CLS 2017 License component
– Prerequisites (.NET, DirectX, etc.)
– SURFCAM 2017 R1 component


Step 5 – The Solidlink prerequisite will install without any prompts.


Step 6 – The CLS 2017 License Manager installs next.


Step 7 – The Prerequisites install next, this list will vary based upon OS updates and other software that is installed.


Step 9 – SURFCAM installs next, recommend using the defaults.


Step 10 – The What’s New document will appear, please review.



Step 12 – The Migrate 2016 data will install next, you can either cancel or let the install complete but we do not recommend using the “Migrate 2016 data” utility as it is not compatible with the more complicated POSTMENU.CFG structures. – We recommend the manual method for updating your post files.

Step 13 – Reboot your computer.

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