SURFCAM Traditional Tech-Tips

SURFCAM Traditional 2017 R1 SU3 Patch

SURFCAM Traditional 2017 R1 SU3 Patch has been released to address some performance issues.

The Install will replace various files in the C:\Program Files\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2017\ folder and subfolders.

Installation Steps:-

  1. Download the SurfTrad2017R1SU3a.exe and save it to your C:\Temp\ folder.
  2. Close SURFCAM 2017.
  3. Right Mouse click the File and select Properties and Check the Unblock box then press the OK button.
  4. Double Click the SurfTrad2017R1SU3a.exe to start the update.
  5. Click the Extract Button to finish the update.
  6. There are no confirmation or completed dialogs.
  7. SURFCAM will be updated to build 180.