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About Us

CAMCAD Technologies, Inc. (CAMCAD) was founded in 1991 to sell and service SURFCAM CAM software, and being heavily involved in reverse engineering at that time, the name “CAMCAD” seemed appropriate. Over the past 30 years CAMCAD has delivered a wide range of custom software extensions to SURFCAM, advanced application training, and multi-axis custom postprocessors.

CAMCAD’s custom applications ranged from custom toolpath generators for contact lens mold production, to web-based systems for patient-specific radiation therapy components, to shop floor aircraft component production, to automation for power generation component repair. Although no longer in the custom application business, we learned from this activity the value of thoroughly spec’ing even the most simplistic projects to minimize rework and maintenance effort.
Custom posts became CAMCAD’s specialty, providing high quality solutions servicing a wide range of CNC machinery for our own SURFCAM customer base and those of other SURFCAM resellers. To support this efficiently we have developed a series of library routines that are shipped with every custom post, providing more functionality that would be practical otherwise.

Throughout our 30 year history, we’re very proud of the fact that our interaction with our SURFCAM vendor was never to ask for assistance in how to program a customer part, or how to configure a custom post; it has been to report problems with the SURFCAM product or to submit enhancement requests.
Effective Jan 1, 2018 we transitioned our install base to our vendor and shifted our focus to our strengths – advanced application training, custom postprocessors, and CAM-related consulting services.