CAMCAD has improved the SURFCAM Setup Sheet by adding features and making it much easier to spot programming issues before they reach the CNC.

New Features overview

Less cluttered Table layout
CSS for layout and font control
Collapsible Tables Sections
Sortable Tables Sections
Hide duplicate Tools in the Tooling List Table Section
Added many useful fields

The SURFCAM HTML Setup Sheet has not been changed since is was introduced in 2002.

SURFCAM 2014 Standard Setup Sheet

The CAMCAD Setup Sheet has been separated into multiple sections that can be easily collapsed and sorted


Download Installation


CAMCAD Setup Sheet for SURFCAM 2022.0 Download
Rename your existing C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2022.0\Config\operations.cfg to orig-operations.cfg and extract the files into the C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2022.0\Config folder.


CAMCAD Setup Sheet for SURFCAM 2021.0 Download
Rename your existing C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2021.0\Config\operations.cfg to orig-operations.cfg and extract the files into the C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2021.0\Config folder.


CAMCAD Setup Sheet for SURFCAM 2020.1 Download
Rename your existing C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2020.1\Config\operations.cfg to orig-operations.cfg and extract the files into the C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2020.1\Config folder.


CAMCAD Setup Sheet for SURFCAM 2020.0 Download
Rename your existing C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2020.0\Config\operations.cfg to orig-operations.cfg and extract the files into the C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2020.0\Config folder.

2019 and previous – contact support.

Important Usage Notes

Edit Image Width by editing the Operation.css and change the .thumbnail Width value (default 800px)
Duplicate Tools are determined by the Tool # in column one.
Restore the Removed Duplicate Tools by pressing the F5 key or refreshing your browser.
When Printing use Shrink to Fit or Landscape.
How to specify a different Browser:- Open your C:\Users\Public\SURFCAM\SURFCAM2019R1\Config\Postmenu.cfg file and locate SetupSheetHtmExe “” is the Default “” will use the EXE associated with the .HTM extension.
Replace the line “” with one of these for IE or Chrome
– IE use “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”
– Chrome use “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”
If the SURFCAM Part file is located on a Mapped Drive or UNC Path you need to add that Server to the Trusted Sites List.

Revision History

Apr 20 2021 – Updated for SURFCAM 2022.
July 24 2020 – Created Mill-Turn version where Operations and Tooling Tables are shared with additional fields.
May 20 2020 – Updated for SURFCAM 2021.0, Added Mount Angle for Lathe Tools to the Operations and Tooling Lists.
Dec 26 2019 – Updated for SURFCAM 2020.1
May 23 2019 – Updated for SURFCAM 2020.0
Jan 24 2019 – Updated for SURFCAM 2019 R1
Jun 06 2018 – Updated for SURFCAM 2018 R2
Feb 15 2018 – Updated for SURFCAM 2018 R1
Jan 12 2017 – Updated for SURFCAM 2017
Aug 12 2016 – Updated Compatibility for IE 11, Edge, Chrome and added footer notes.
Apr 01 2016 – Updated for SURFCAM 2016
Nov 10 2015 – Changed the Tooling Table column order, removed Op Type, changed Operation Images, .etc
Jul 07 2015 – Updated for SURFCAM 2015
Oct 17 2014 – Published Setup Sheet with Image Support
Sep 17 2014 – Added Cutter Comp On\Off to Operations List
Jun 09 2014 – Added Installation notes and file list
Apr 15 2014 – Added Sorting to each table, Travel Totals remain visible when table is collapsed. HTML, CSS and Java Scripts are now stored in separate files.
Mar 06 2014 – Tooling List Section: Added Tool Length and Flute Length fields. Added a separate Setup Sheet with a Stock and Notes Section and added Mouse Over to highlight current row.
Dec 23 2013 – Tooling List Section: Swapped the Op Type and Comment fields, Renamed Comments to Tool Description.
Dec 20 2013 – Initial Version.