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Custom Posts

CAMCAD’s custom posts are guaranteed to generate edit-free output. Our intimate knowledge of SURFCAM allows CAMCAD to take advantage of all programming styles, tricks, and features within SURFCAM to automate what would otherwise be tedious hand-editing of each NC program. Our custom posts add information in the NC file in each path header (path numbering & id, cview descriptions, tooling information, etc) to simplify first article prove-out. With today’s advanced CNC control software, we know that getting the syntax exactly correct for specialty features like (multi-part subroutines, dynamic fixture offset, tool center point management, 3D workplane support, and high-speed look-ahead) is very important. Getting these features turned on and off in the correct order in the NC file is critical to achieve edit-free output. Bottom line, the typical custom post supporting these features must manage 50~75 or more G & M-codes correctly to avoid manual editing or alarms at the machine. We are constantly aware that “CAM software is an expensive video game without edit-free postprocessors”.


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Consulting Services

CAMCAD’s consulting services focus on the metal-cutting process – not counting widgets.  If management does not make the best use of current CNC resources, or doesn’t make the correct investment in the right CNCs for the job at hand, or doesn’t provide adequate training or technology, a shop may be performing far below its potential.

Employee turnover, sudden work volume, or the arrival of parts far more complex than normal can upset the normal work flow and are impossible to prevent. CAMCAD offers highly-skilled and efficient programming services and/or a mixture of training and programming services to aid firms who find themselves buried with excess workload.

With CNC technology improving rapidly, machine tools becoming ever more complex, Internet-based communications being imbedded within CNC software, corporate mergers happening frequently, and seasoned employees retiring, we find that employees in most shops intuitively know what is/isn’t optimal but they do not have the time to pull together a convincing document to convince management to make necessary changes.

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